WARPLab: Multi-node Prototyping with Real Wireless Data

Submitted to The Journal of the Franklin Institute.

Authors: Melissa Duarte, Patrick Murphy, Chris Hunter, Siddharth Gupta, and Ashutosh Sabharwal


In this paper we present WARPLab, a framework which allows rapid prototyping of algorithms for wireless communications by combining the ease of MATLAB with the capabilities of the Wireless Open-Acces Research Platform (WARP). The WARPLab framework provides the software necessary for easy interaction with the WARP hardware directly from the MATLAB workspace. WARPLab is unique in its capabilities for being used as both a General Purpose Processor (GPP)-Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform and a hybrid GPP-SDR and Programable Hardware (PH)-SDR platform. With WARPLab the user can choose to implement all of the baseband signal processing in MATLAB, hence, enabling the use of WARP as a GPP-SDR. The user can also choose to implement part of the signal processing in realtime on the WARP hardware's FPGA, hence, enabling the use of WARP as a hybrid GPP-PH-SDR platform. This paper demonstrates the capabilities of WARPLab by presenting examples of wireless communications algorithms implemented using WARPLab and a detailed description of the WARPLab architecture.

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