The 802.11 Reference Design and its documentation are under active development by the Mango team. The current release should be considered a beta- updates with bug fixes, API changes, new features and other refinements will be posted frequently. Please check the downloads page for the latest updates and post any questions about the design to the forums.

802.11 Reference Design: MAC State MPDU Rx State for Access Point

The AP MPDU Rx state is responsible for implementing the following behaviors:

  • Handling the Probe Request/Response active scan handshake specified in Section of the 802.2012 standard.
  • Handling the Authentication/Association handshake specified in Section 10.3 of the 802.11-2012 standard.
  • De-duplicating received MPDUs based on their sequence numbers, as specified in Section of the 802.11-2012 standard.
  • Passing received and associated data MPDUs to the Ethernet Tx state.
  • Handling the deauthentication of non-associated stations when receiving non-MMPDU frames from them.

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