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802.11 Reference Design: Experiment Framework Examples

We have created a number of example scripts that demonstrate various features of the Experiments Framework.

Example Requirements Description
Blink Node LEDs 1 or more nodes Blinks the hex display LEDs on all discoverable nodes
Aggregate Throughput 2 nodes Starts traffic flow from AP to STA and calculates throughput
using Tx/Rx packet counts at each node.
Tx/Rx Log Capture 2 nodes Generates traffic flows between an AP and STA using LTGs, retrieves
the logs from both nodes and writes each to a log file
Tx/Rx Log Analysis Log File Processes log file to calculate statistics
Channel Estimate Viewer Log file (with Rx events)
Extracts OFDM Rx events from a log file, saves them to a structured
array, imports the array into MATLAB and displays the channel
AP Logger? 1 AP node Initializes AP node, waits for specified duration, then retrieves the
AP's log and writes it to an HDF5 file.