The RF section of the Radio Board consists of a dual-band direct-conversion RF transceiver and an RF front-end connecting the transceiver to the antenna.

RF Transceiver

The board uses Maxim's MAX2829 dual-band transceiver. Some key features of the transceiver are:

  • Dual-band (2400-2500MHz, 4900-5875MHz)
  • Up to 40MHz bandwidth
  • Analog I/Q Tx and Rx interfaces
  • 60dB RSSI range
  • 30dB Tx power control range
  • 93dB Rx gain control range
  • MIMO capable

The I/Q interfaces of the MAX2829 are connected directly to the Radio Board's ADC and DAC. The transceiver's control interfaces are connected to the daughtercard headers, enabling direct control from the FPGA.

RF Power Amplifier

The RF transmit path includes a Sharp IRM046U7 dual-band RF power amplifier. The board is designed to provide approximately 18dBm output power when driven at full gain. The PA is controlled by the host FPGA via daughtercard connections. The PA datasheet is available here.

Antenna Ports

The are two 50Ω female SMA antenna connectors; only one is connected to the transceiver at a given time. See AntennaConnectors for more details.

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