WARP Radio Board Antenna Ports

The radio board has two antenna ports. Both are fitted with SMA jacks (standard polarity female connectors). The two ports are connected to a DPDT RF switch. The other side of the switch is connected to the transmit and receive paths leading back to the RF transceiver. The antenna switch is controlled by a 2-bit digital signal, driven by the FPGA. The switch has two valid states, illustrated below.

AntSw[1:0] = [1 0] AntSw[1:0] = [0 1]

In the default configuration, Port 1 is used for both transmit and receive and Port 2 is unused. This configuration requires the antenna switch's state be changed every time the radio changes between receive and transmit modes. This behavior is implemented in the radio controller driver and hardware (user_logic.v and radio_controller_basic.c).

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