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     1= Running the Program =
     3== Ready Tera Term Pro ==
     4 1. Open Tera Term Pro (Browse to "'''\Program Files\TTERMPRO\ttermpro.exe'''")
     5 2. Choose '''Serial''' and select the appropriate COM port (the one to which the board is connected) from the '''Port:''' drop down menu.
     6 3. Go to '''Setup''' => '''Serial Port...''' and change the '''Baud rate''' to 57600 (or whatever you specified in your project) from the drop down menu.  Click '''OK'''
     7 4. Tera Term is now ready to receive data.
     8 NOTE: (If you are unsure about what rate you choose, this can be found by double-clicking '''RS232''' in the '''System Assembly''' view.  It is the number given for '''UART Lite Baud Rate''').
     10== Download Peripheral Test to the Board ==
     11(Assumes that the bitstream has been generated successfully)[[BR]]
     13=== Method 1: Directly from XPS ===
     14 1. Download the bitstream to the board via '''Device Configuration''' => '''Download Bitstream''' or by clicking on the toolbar icon.  (NOTE: XPS will recompile/regenerate everything that is not current before downloading the bitstream)
     15=== Method 2: Using iMPACT ===
     16 1. Open iMPACT via '''Program Files''' => '''Xilinx ISE 8.1i''' => '''Accessories''' => '''iMPACT'''
     17 2. When the '''iMPACT Project''' dialogue box pops up, click '''Cancel''' You should see the workspace.
     18 3. Right-click on the workspace and choose '''Initialize Chain'''. Click '''OK''' at the '''Boundary-Scan Chain Contents Summary''' window.
     19 4. You will see the '''Assign New Configuration File''' window.  Click '''Bypass''' for the '''xccace''' (first) block.
     20 5. For the '''xc2vp70''' block, browse to the location of your generated bitstream (e.g. "\ProjectFolder\implementation\download.bit"). Select this file and click '''Open'''.  Click '''OK''' at the '''Add Virtex-II Pro/Virtex-4 Object Files''' window to return to the workspace.
     21 6. Right click on the '''xc2vp70''' block, and choose '''Program'''.  Click '''OK''' to download to the board.
     22=== Method 3: Using !ChipScope ===
     23 1. Open !ChipScope via '''Program Files''' => '''!ChipScope Pro 8.1i''' => '''!ChipScope Pro Analyzer'''
     24 2. Click on the '''Open Cable/Search JTAG Chain''' button located in the upperleft corner.
     25 3. Click '''OK''' at the window that pops up.
     26 4. Right click on '''xc2vp70''' in the box in the upper-lefthand corner.  Choose '''Configure'''.
     27 5. Choose '''Select New File''' and browse to the location of your generated bitstream (e.g. "\ProjectFolder\implementation\download.bit").
     28 6. Click '''OK''' to download to the board.