WARPLab 7.1.0 FPGA Architecture

WARPLab 7.1.0 uses the architecture established in WARPLab 7:

  • Uses AXI interconnect
  • IP updates to take advantage of AXI interconnect

Interconnect Architecture

Address Map

Please review the XPS project for the latest information.

Microblaze Address Map

NOTE: All Address not explicitly defined are reserved.

IP Instance Base Address High Address Size
DLMB 0x0000_0000 0x0001_FFFF 128K
ILMB 0x0000_0000 0x0001_FFFF 128K
AXI GPIO 0x4000_0000 0x4000_FFFF 64K
USB UART 0x4060_0000 0x4060_FFFF 64K
Debug 0x4140_0000 0x4140_FFFF 64K
AXI Timer 0x41C0_0000 0x41C0_FFFF 64K
AXI SYSMON ADC 0x4240_0000 0x4240_FFFF 64K
W3 I2C EEPROM On Board 0x7040_0000 0x7040_FFFF 64K
W3 Clock Controller 0x7042_0000 0x7042_FFFF 64K
W3 User IO 0x7240_0000 0x7240_FFFF 64K
Ethernet FIFO (ETH B) 0x72C0_0000 0x72C0_FFFF 64K
Ethernet FIFO (ETH A) 0x72C2_0000 0x72C2_FFFF 64K
W3 AD Controller 0x7600_0000 0x7600_FFFF 64K
WARPLab Trigger Proc 0x7780_0000 0x7780_FFFF 64K
WARPLab Buffers 0x7800_0000 0x787F_FFFF 8M
ETH A MAC 0x7898_0000 0x7898_FFFF 256K
ETH B MAC 0x78B0_0000 0x78B0_FFFF 256K
BRAM 0x78CA_0000 0x78CA_FFFF 64K
WARPLab AGC 0x78E0_0000 0x78E0_FFFF 64K
Radio Controller 0x7AC0_0000 0x7AC0_FFFF 64K
W3 I2C EEPROM FMC 0x7D40_0000 0x7D40_FFFF 64K
CDMA 0x7E20_0000 0x7E20_FFFF 64K
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