WARPLab Reference Design

WARPLab is a framework which brings together WARP and MATLAB. With WARPLab, you can interact with WARP nodes directly from the MATLAB workspace. The WARPLab Reference Design includes transmit and receive buffers that takes samples from the Ethernet and transmits them over the air.

See downloads for the latest design files.

Latest WARPLab Reference Design

  • WARPLab Version 6.3 is the latest WARPLab Release and is recommended for new users. It adds support to the new WARP v3 hardware generation.
  • The following are the WARPLab EDK Reference Designs used to generate the bitstreams that work with version 6.3 of the WARPLab Reference M code. The EDK projects for the v3 hardware (Virtex-6) were generated with the version 13.4 of the Xilinx tools. Note: This version of the Xilinx tool requires the SDK to make software changes. We have instructions for making software changes here.
  • For access to version 6.3 of the WARPLab Reference M Code and Getting Started on WARPLab please click here.

Previous Releases

Previous WARPLab releases can be found here.

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