Reconfiguring on Flash Using Hardware

Any system (not the case for software reconfiguration) can be reconfigured using the WARP’s SystemACE controller configuration control switches. Hardware reconfiguration utilizes the dipswitch box sitting above the flash-reader on WARP. Note: there are 4 switches. 3 of the 4 switches are used to select the configuration address (in binary). The last switch, is inverted, and is used for selecting whether the reconfiguration is done in hardware or software. This switch simply locks the hardware reconfiguration pushbutton (also next to the SysACE configuration dip-switches) from being used. The WARP PCB has a small graphic next to the dipswitches, detailing which direction == 1, and which direction == 0. Hardware reconfiguration is as follows:

  1. Set the dipswitches to the desire configuration address (in parallel with the address number from iMPACT. So, set the configuration switches to “000” for address 0, all the way to “111” for address 7 (8 configurations available total...).
  2. Insert the flash card
  3. Upon inserting the flash-card, the FPGA should reconfigure automatically
  4. To switch projects, make sure the configuration pushbutton is unlocked (using the last dip-switch, which should be set to “1”)
  5. Change the configuration address with the dip-switches, and simply push the reconfiguration push-button to switch projects.
  6. Note: in some instances yet TBD, switching does not work between projects containing different hardware-setups. If the FPGA freezes, power-cycle the board, while allowing some time for the board’s capacitors to discharge.

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