wiki:Demo at IEEE INFOCOM 2010

A Decentralized MAC Protocol for Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Wireless Networks

Demo at IEEE INFOCOM 2010

Authors: Junaid Ansari, Xi Zhang and Petri Mähönen
RWTH Aachen University Institute for Networked Systems


Cognitive MACs are becoming a reality for efficiently utilizing the constrained spectral resources. The spec- trum opportunities are volatile and often difficult to predict. Furthermore, infrastructure based coordinated spectrum sharing is not a viable option for some applications and spectrum bands. Therefore, dynamic and decentralized medium access becomes highly desirable. We demonstrate a fully decentralized cognitive MAC protocol, which allows nodes to be asynchronous to each other and have reliable data communication even in harshly interfering environments. Our protocol works without the need for a common control channel and a coordinating infrastructure. We address the practical issues such as mobility and traffic awareness in our design. Our ’table top’ demonstration will show the various features of the protocol and give audience the opportunity to interactively control the protocol parameters and the interferences conditions to observe the corresponding performance characteristics.

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