This section requires valid USB and serial communication links between the WARP FPGA board and the Wndows PC on which the Xilinx software tools are running. If you need help establishing these connections, please refer to the appropriate exercise : WARP FPGA Board Introduction. Open a terminal emulator application on the local PC, and set its operating parameters to 9600 baud, 8 data bits, one stop bit, no parity. The following screen shot illustrates a correct configuration for the Tera Term Pro terminal emulator application. These settings can be found in Setup->Serial Port...

Open iMPACT on your local computer from Xilinx ISE -> Accessories -> iMPACT. Cancel the first dialog box and double-click Boundry Scan from the left column. Right-click and select Initialize Chain in the main window. Bypass the first dialog box. In the second navigate to W:\Lab1_EDK\xps\implementation\download.bit. Finally right click on the green device and select Program. This will download your bitstream on to the FPGA board.

If all cables have been connected correctly, the terminal emulator window should display the following text. Simultaneously, the LEDs on the WARP FPGA board should indicate the value that is output to the serial port.

Congratulations! You have sucessfully utilized the WARP FPGA board and Xilinx Platform Studio to implement a simple FPGA-based hardware/software system.

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