WARP: Wireless Open-Access Research Platform

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Platform Support Packages

  • The WARP EDK Installer Project - An up-to-date binary for installing the WARP EDK repository, sysgen2opb tool and the WARP OPB Export Tool.
  • WARP FPGA Board XBD? - WARP FPGA Board description file for Xilinx Platform Studio
  • sysgen2opb - Matlab script to convert System Generator hardware co-simulation models into OPB peripherals
  • Custom Peripherals
    • Radio Controller - core and driver for controlling the WARP radio board
    • Radio Bridge - core used to interface the radio controller to the underlying hardware
    • EEPROM - core used to access the EEPROM devices located on the WARP FPGA and WARP radio boards.

Hardware Designs

Papers & Presentations

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