Connecting and Powering the WARP FGPA Board

Hardware Requirements

  • Power Supply for the WARP FPGA Board (12V-DC)
  • Parallel Cable w/ JTAG (Requires 5V-DC supply for Xilinx Parallel Cable IV)
  • 9-pin serial cable

Connecting the Board

  1. Connect and Power the Parallel Cable
    • Attach the parallel cable to the 25-pin port on your computer.
    • Attach the parallel cable to the board using the JTAG connector. (The connection to the board is underneath the board on the middle-left side)
    • Connect the parallel cable to a 5V-DC power supply. (The status light on the parallel cable should be yellow before the board is powered)
  2. Connect the Serial Cable
    • Attach the 9-pin serial cable to one of the COM ports of your computer
    • Attach the serial cable to the board. (The connection to the board is in the lower right hand corner on the right side of the board)
  3. Connect and Power the WARP FPGA Board
    • Connect a 12V-DC power supply to the FPGA board. (The connection to the board is in the bottom right corner on the bottom side)
    • Turn the power switch on. The switch is located to the left of the power connection. (Turning on the board should cause a number of LEDs to light. If there is no flash card in the flash port, then the LED near the flash port will blink until one is inserted. This is not needed now.)

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