Compiled References and Resources

  1. WARP Resources
    1. – WARP reference designs and walkthroughs.
  2. Xilinx API and Tools Resources
    1. $EDK\doc\oslib_rm.pdf – EDK Operating and systems and libraries manual. Contains API documentation for:
      1. Standalone OS
      2. Xilkernel OS
      3. LibXil Net – networking API (deprecated)
      4. LibXil File – file management support for already created file systems
      5. LibXil FATFile System (FATfs) – FAT file system for compact flash
      6. LibXil Memory File System – another file management tool for memory
      7. LibXil Profile – functions for analyzing/benchmarking a program running on hardware
      8. lwIP – advanced networking functionality
    2. $EDK\doc\est_rm.pdf – Embedded System Tools Reference Manaul. Documentation for a suite of system tools XPS uses. Most notably: XMD and GCC
    3. $EDK\doc\xilinx_drivers_api_toc.htm – Xilinx-based peripheral driver API documentation
  3. PowerPC Architecture Resources
    1. -- In depth web-based overview of the layout of the PowerPC 405 embedded in the Virtex-II Pro FPGA fabric (note: you can click on the pictures to get information on lower layers)
    2. – PowerPC 405 user guide
    3. –“The PowerPC Architecture: A Programmer’s View” by Anthony Marsala – a basic breakdown of the architecture from a programming standpoint
    4. – The complete technical library on the PowerPC provided by IBM
    5. – An overview of the PPC architecture layout
    6. – Good background and historical information on the PPC architecture
  4. Alternative Embedded OS Resources
    1. – Installing Linux on a Virtex-II Pro
    2. – Installing Linux on a Virtex-II Pro
    3. – A list of all Xilinx-Partnered OS developers
    4. – the Asterix kernel project page
  5. Extraneous Resources
    1. – Modifying xilkernel for upgrading interrupt support (by Gabriel Black)
    2. – Google-cached version of the above site
    3. – the complete GCC manual (good for figuring out the extent of Xilinx’s support for C)
    4. – presentation that benchmarks/compares Xilkernel, uClinux, and the Asterix Operating Systems (for MicroBlaze) – by Anders Rönnholm
    5. – final thesis paper for the above presentation, by Anders Rönnholm
    6. – a brief introduction to Xilkernel (by Mark Patterson) – good for gaining a better understanding of what things like semaphores and mutecies actually mean with regards to xilkernel.

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