WARPLab 7: Benchmarks

In order to get a better understanding of WARPLab performance, we have added wl_benchmark so that you can perform some basic performance testing on WARPLab setup.

Ethernet Performance

Since one of the biggest performance bottlenecks is moving data into and out of the node, we have provided some benchmarks on Ethernet performance.

As part of our on-going development to make WARPLab better and faster, we have introduced a new Transport (ie, the WARPLab MEX UDP Transport) to boost communication performance between a host and a node. For more information on how to install and set up the WARPLab MEX UDP Transport, please refer to the QuickStart Guide.

Please note that due to hardware limitations within Xilinx peripherals, WARP v2 only supports non-jumbo Ethernet frames up to 1514 bytes.

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